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GIPL Relief Payment


We understand that inflation and the increased cost of living have increased the financial strain on Gumala members. To help ease this financial hardship, we introduced the Gumala Relief payment.  

The Gumala relief payment seek to act as a financial aid and improve the overall well-being of Members over Christmas and into the first quarter of the new year.  

Payment Schedule:  

There will be 3 payments in total, to the value of $2,000 made to Members and Adult beneficiaries over December 2023, January and April 2024.

18/12/2023 Monday $ 500

25/01/2024 Thursday $ 1,000

1/04/2024 Monday $ 500


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):  

Can I choose to ‘bank’ my relief payment or add it to my flexible program balance?  

We have taken your preference that you sent to us for the Christmas program in December and applied it to your relief payment. If you would like to change this, please let us know by emailing: 

Are Gumala Members going to receive a program top-up this year?  

Each year, a program top-up is not guaranteed. This type of program is dependent on how much money is generated from the Mine. At this stage, in 2024 we are not planning to have a program top-up.  

Can I expect more relief payments?  

The next and final relief payment will be April 2024.