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The Gumala Flexible Program and Utilities 2023 top-up

The Gumala Flexible Program and Utilities 2023 top-up is available from Monday 27 February.
Gumala Members will be able to apply for the following:
$1500 in flexible funds
$500 in utilities
Why is there a top-up this year?

Since the GAC Member program relaunched in 2016, the program budget was in arrears. This means, we allocated available funds for our programs before the beginning of the current financial year. When we created the 2022/23 budget, the available funds were lower than previous years.

Since then, GAC has received amounts to be able to provide relief for members after the Christmas period and bring the Flexible and Utilities balance back to what was delivered in the 21/22 budget.

Now that the GAC Board have confirmed the top-up amount, we can let our Members know and begin taking applications.

When is it available?

Members can begin applying from Monday 27 February and our Member Services Team will begin processing the applications on the same day. We’ll be working as hard as we can to get them processed quickly; however, because of the volume of applications, this may take some time.

Is this is in addition to the already available funds I have?

It sure is. You’ll be able to access the funds until 30 June 2023

Will there be regular top-ups?

At this stage, no. This top-up will be valid for this year only – until 30 June. Any future top-ups will be dependent on the financial budget of each year.