Sport & Recreation


The aim of the Sports & Recreation Program is to encourage and promote the participation of Gumala Members and their family in sports and recreational activities. The program will cover costs for club fees, event participation fees, travel and accommodation, clothing and footwear. The program will run from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.


Members may access these funds to pay for any sports or recreational events that either they or an immediate family member is participating in or attending. A tax invoice, quote or supporting letter from the club must be sourced and sent to Gumala with the program application form. Payments will be made directly to suppliers. If payments are being made to clubs or organisations, a supporting letter should be sourced and should include the official club or organisation’s bank account details for payments.

Supporting Documents

  1. Program application form
  2. Tax invoice or quote
  3. Letter from the club or organisation (if relevant)

Items available under the program

  1. Club merchandise
  2. Registration or participation fees
  3. Travel and accommodation
  4. Fuel (limit $500)
  5. Equipment (hunting, fishing, camping and boating)
  6. Footwear and clothing
  7. Other requests will be considered at GAC’s discretion

Items NOT available under the program

  1. Food

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