Flexible Programs for 2020-21

Flexible Programs for 2020-21

All Gumala Members and Beneficiaries are eligible for this program if:

  1. They are clearly listed on the GAC Register of Members at the time of their application (pending Members who were not previously recognised as Beneficiaries cannot access funds until they are approved).
  2. They are clearly listed on the GIPL Register of Traditional Owners as an adult at the time of their application (pending Beneficiaries cannot access funds).
  3. They are over 18 years of age.

If you are an approved minor Beneficiary [student] and you turn 18 over the course of the programs year, you must complete an application form to become a Member before you will be given access to program funds.

The allocated amount per Member under the Flexible Program Model for 2020-21 is $6000 per Member/Adult Beneficiary.

55+ Years Program for 2020-21

This financial year will also see the introduction of a special program for Members aged 55 and above. Members will automatically receive an extra $1,500 at the start of the financial year and no applications are required for this.

Flexible funds can be allocated at the Member’s discretion across the following programs:



Healthy Living


Vehicle Support

Home Repairs

Home Ownership

Sport & Recreation


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