Christmas 2020 Gift Cards

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The aim of this program is to provide all Gumala Members and Adult Beneficiaries with a $500 Coles or Woolworths gift card for Christmas 2020. For any Members without a Coles or Woolworths store in their nearest town, an alternative voucher will be arranged for them at their local supermarket.


1. Gift cards cannot be used for alcohol and tobacco products.
2. Applications received before 5pm on Friday 20 November 2020 will be delivered by Christmas.
3. Applications received after the above date and before 29 January 2021 will be processed and delivered as soon as practicable.
4. Applications will not be accepted after 29 January 2021.
5. These gift cards must be applied for so that we have your updated delivery address information, contact details and the type of gift card you wish to receive.
6. Gift cards will be offered digitally for Coles and Woolworths unless otherwise nominated on the program application form.
7. Digital gift cards will be delivered via email.
8. Only one gift card per Member will be authorised.
9. If your delivery preference / address changes after you submit your application form, you will need to contact GAC to update your delivery address.
10. Forms nominating C/O Australia Post outlets or offices will not be processed until an alternative address is provided as GAC WILL NOT deliver to C/O Australia Post following issues with return to sender mail. If an alternative address is not provided by 28 February 2021, you will no longer be eligible to receive a gift card.
11. GAC accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen cards. Please be mindful of the email address you nominate for card delivery. Ensure your email address is clearly printed on your form and accurate. Check your junk / spam folders before contacting GAC if you have not received your card.
12. GAC accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen cards. For cards going to physical addresses, please be mindful that other persons living at this address may need to sign for your card. If you change your address and / or someone else signs for your card, GAC is not liable for this.
13. GAC will not accept late applications that were accidentally sent to another trust.
14. To avoid lost or misplaced applications, all applications must be sent to, NOT to other Gumala email addresses.
15. GAC will confirm within 10 business days that your application has been received either by phone, SMS or email. If you have not received confirmation within this timeframe, you should contact our offices by phone.
16. If your card is returned to us after we send it, we will only repost it once. After this your only option will be to collect it from one of our offices or have someone else collect it on your behalf.
17. Should your card be returned to us and we do not receive alternative instructions from you by 28 February 2021, you will no longer be eligible to receive a gift card.

All applications for Christmas 2020 Gift Cards should be sent to

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