Member Sponsorship

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It is important that our Members are supported financially to engage in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will deliver lasting and tangible educational, cultural or health and wellbeing related outcomes.

The aim of the Member Sponsorship Program is to be able to provide financial support and resources to Members who are excelling in their community or in their hobbies, or who have been given an opportunity to participate in an educational, cultural or health and wellbeing related activity or event, that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

How to apply

To apply for a Member Sponsorship, please complete the Member Sponsorship application form with as much detail as possible and provide supporting documentation (e.g. invoices/event information etc.) or contact the office for further advice and information about the program.


All sponsorship applications are considered at the sole discretion of GAC. Applications will preferably be assessed by the GAC Board, therefore please allow as much time as possible for applications to be assessed. If your application is time sensitive, please highlight this to us.

If approved, sponsorships are not paid directly to the Member, but rather goods and services are coordinated on their behalf, or payments made to suppliers, schools, community groups or organisations.

If your application is approved, our PR & Communications Officer will be in touch with you to see if you would like to feature your story in GAC’s newsletter or on social media, however this is optional, and participation is at the discretion of the Member.

Note regarding sponsorships of community groups

Where a Member is a part of a community group or team, for the group to receive sponsorship as opposed to the individual Member, a test will be carried out to see what proportion of funds is benefitting the Member. This is to ensure the majority of sponsorship funds are prioritised to Members.

Gumala is committed to maintaining and respecting cultural protocol and acknowledges the use of member images throughout the website. If at any time you become aware that an image exists on this website that should be removed for cultural purposes, please contact the office on (08) 9188 4500 as soon as possible