How-to videos

Click on the links to watch the following how-to videos on Gumala’s YouTube channel.

How to save Member Portal link on mobile and computer? 

It’s helpful to save or bookmark the Member Portal so you can find it easily. To bookmark things in Chrome, all you need to do is click the star on the top right side. You can also easily save it to your desktop by clicking the three dots in the top right corner, then click more tools, and then create a shortcut. If you have Chrome on your phone, you can select the three dots in the top right corner, and press add to home screen to save it to your phone’s home page. If you’re using a different browser, the bookmark option will be in a different spot, but just look for the star! After you’ve saved it to your bookmarks, you will see it along the top of your browser, or if you’ve saved it as a link on your desktop or phone, all you need to do is click on it and it will bring you to the log in page.

How to access your balance? 

When you log in to the Gumala Member Portal you can see a snapshot of your balances on the home screen, which will have the program name, and the remaining funds you still have for that program. If you click on one of the programs, you’ll see the program end date, which is how long you still have to spend the funds for that program, and the program limit, which is the total funds you originally had for that program. You can also click on my program balances in the navigation bar to see your program balances.

How to lodge an application? 

If you want to lodge a new application, you can click on New Application in the navigation bar. You can also get to the new application form from the home page underneath your open applications, or at the top of your applications in the My Applications page. When you open the New Applications page, you need to select what program you’re applying for, and then enter the required field. For example, if you click on Tertiary Education Assistance you need to select the tertiary program, fill out your course name and institute name, add the goods and services that you require and then attach proof of enrolment. Whereas if you select Culture Program instead, it only requires a brief description, and any goods and services you require. Each program application is unique to the program you’re applying for, and you won’t be able to submit your application unless all the fields have been filled. After you submit, you’ll get a pop up telling you you’ve submitted your application successfully, and it will bring you back to the Applications page.

How to check the status of your application?

To check the status of your application after you log in, you can either click on My Applications, or click view All Applications at the bottom of the home page. This will bring you to all your applications. If you click on one, you can see what stage that application is at. This one has been received but is awaiting more information. You’ll be able to use this page to check if your application requires you to send in more information, whether it’s been approved, or whether it has been rejected.

How to update your profile? 

To update your profile, you need to click on My Profile in the navigation bar. This will show you all your details, including name and address, as well as your phone number and email. If your details change and you need to update them, you can click on Edit Profile, which will allow you to edit your details. You can also click Postal Address same as residential address if your post and home address are the same, to save you entering it in twice. You can also edit your communications preferences, to choose how you receive corporate communications from Gumala. But, if you change it, make sure the corresponding details are correct! After you change your details, you can click submit you save your changes, or you can click cancel if you don’t need to update anything.

How to switch profiles?

Dependent child or carer

If you have a dependent, like a child, you can use the Gumala Member Portal on behalf of your dependent. If you click your name in the top right of the portal, you’ll see the switch roles option; this will allow you to switch to your dependent. You can then see their profile, program balances and applications, and you can apply for applications on their behalf. Don’t forget to switch back to your own profile or log out once you’re done, so you don’t accidentally apply for a program for the wrong person.

How to log off 

It’s always important to log off once you’re finished with the Gumala Member Portal. This stops anyone from being able to use your account, especially if you’ve logged in using a public or family computer. To log out, just click your name in the top right side of the portal, and press log out. This brings you back to the log in page, where you can either log in again, or close the browser.

How to save a draft and then complete the draft 

If you’re in the middle of filling out an application request but don’t have time to finish or realise that you need documents to finish the application, you can always save your application as a draft. A pop up will tell you your draft has been successfully saved, and you’ll be taken back to the applications page. At the top of your applications, you’ll see submitted, and drafts. When you click on drafts, you’ll see your unfinished applications. Clicking on them will bring you back to your application and you can continue to fill them out and submit them once you’re done. If for any reason you no longer want to finish the draft, you can click the bin icon to delete it.

How to update your communication preferences

To update your communication preferences, you need to click on my profile in the navigation bar and click edit profile. If you scroll down to the bottom of your profile, you’ll see the communication preferences where you can choose post, SMS, or email. This lets us know how you want to receive communications from us, including AGM and meeting notices, Program Guidelines, and Newsletters, which is all important if you want to know what’s happening and when! Just make sure if you change your preferences to say, email, that your email address is correct, same goes for your phone number and address! This will make sure anything we send goes to the right place. When you’re done, you can click submit to save your changes, and start receiving communications how you want.

Gumala is committed to maintaining and respecting cultural protocol and acknowledges the use of member images throughout the website. If at any time you become aware that an image exists on this website that should be removed for cultural purposes, please contact the office on (08) 9188 4500 as soon as possible