Housing Support Program


Gumala is working towards developing housing initiatives that will help to lessen the impact of the limited affordable housing options available to its membership. GAC and GIPL, together, are focusing on developing housing programs that provide the best outcomes for Members.

The first program to be launched is GAC’s Housing Support Program. This program will assist our most vulnerable Members in the Pilbara who are affected by homelessness, urgent or ongoing medical conditions and severe overcrowding.

To date, GIPL has secured 24 properties in the Pilbara for use by the Program, with additional properties being added to the Program stock in the future.

About GAC’s Housing Support Program

The Housing Support Program is a wrap-around service that provides tailored support designed to meet individual needs and circumstances, including financial capability and resilience building, tenancy management, and referral support for Members who need to access specialist services.

As part of the Program, housing assistance is available to eligible Members in the following locations:

  • 9 properties in Port Hedland
  • 9 properties in Karratha
  • 6 properties in Tom Price


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for housing assistance, Members must meet the following criteria:

Housing Assistance Eligibility Criteria


Housing Program Specific Eligibility Criteria

  • Currently homeless; or current housing is unsuitable or uninhabitable.
  • Health condition urgently requiring treatment not available in the area where the Member currently resides.
  • Ongoing health condition requiring access to treatment not available in the area where the Member currently resides.
  • Referred to GAC by a specialist service, e.g., crisis housing, refuge.
  • Experiencing significant overcrowding

If you meet the above criteria and would like to apply for housing assistance, please complete a Housing Application Form and email to: housing@gumala.com.au 

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