Education Program

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Children of registered Members or Beneficiaries may access our Education Assistance Programs:

Kindergarten Assistance – $250 | Primary School Assistance – $500 | High School Assistance – $1000

The aim of the education assistance program is to provide support to Gumala families for the costs associated
with schooling their children.

The programs will not exceed the amounts allocated for each child. Evidence of school attendance must be provided.
Assistance provided is paid directly to goods or service providers, or the schools themselves. The program will
run from 1 November 2018 until 31 October 2019.

Applications under the Education Assistance Programs must be in the name of the child. These funds may
be accessed by parents to pay for school related expenses such as fees, tutoring, and books. Parents may
pool individual children funds together for items where all children will benefit, e.g. a home computer for
homework assignments. A tax invoice or quote must be sourced from the school or supplier and sent to GAC
with a program application form and a copy of the child’s school attendance record.

All children accessing these programs must be registered with GAC. If a child is not registered in our system, we
will require a registration form to be completed and returned to us with a copy of the child’s birth certificate
before we can process any applications on their behalf. You can obtain a registration form here or
by contacting the office.

School attendance records must be submitted with applications for education assistance. Alternatively, you
must consent to GAC obtaining these records from the school directly.

Supporting Documents
1. Program application form
2. Registration form and birth certificate (if not previously registered)
3. School attendance records
4. Quotes / tax invoices

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