Christmas 2018 Gift Cards

Christmas card icon

For Christmas 2018, all Gumala Members and adult beneficiaries will be eligible to receive a $500 Coles or Woolworths gift card. For any members without a Coles or Woolworths in their nearest town, an alternative voucher will be arranged for you at your local supermarket.

Important Information about this program:

  1. The gift cards will be for groceries only and will have restrictions around the purchasing of cigarettes and alcohol
  2. Christmas gift cards must be applied for, and only one per Member/adult beneficiary will be authorised
  3. Gift cards will be sent via registered post in December 2018 to the address nominated on the applicant’s form
  4. If your delivery address changes after you submit your application form, you will need to contact GAC to organise an alternative delivery address.
  5. Addresses cannot be changed after 23 November 2018
  6. The cut off for applications for this program will be 5pm, 23 November 2018
  7. Applications will only be accepted if they are sent to GAC, including if sent to another Trust by mistake
  8. Strictly no applications will be accepted after 23 November,2018

All applications for Christmas 2018 Gift Cards should be sent to

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