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Our Approach to Education

Gumala’s Educational Programs & Services aim to support our children in school by promoting and monitoring increased participation rates among Gumala children, and by assisting young people with their transition from year 10 to year 12 and beyond.

Through partnerships and stakeholder relationships Gumala aim to support programs that:

  • Promote student health and wellbeing, build a sense of belonging and that build resilience by strengthening coping skills;
  • Build networks to access support for students;
  • Foster positive attitudes among students toward their peers, teachers and parents; and
  • Monitor the academic progress of students in conjunction with schools and parents.

Our Education Manager can work with parents / families to support parents and children with their education in any way possible. The Education Manager can also regularly meet with teachers and parents concerning behavioural and pastoral care issues and work with government agencies, community groups and the private sector to establish cross-sectoral partnerships and alliances to ensure greater school attendance and learning outcomes.

Please contact our office if you would like to speak with our dedicated Education Manager.

Tertiary Assistance Program

Education Support Programs – Adults

The aim of the Tertiary Education Assistance program is to increase the capacity, knowledge, skills and overall education of our Members. The program provides assistance to students enrolled in diploma level or above courses by providing financial support to students who may be burdened with the costs of higher education.

Up to $5000 is accessible for students enrolled in Diploma level or above educational courses. The student must be recognised as a Member or Beneficiary of the Trust to access funding. Any assistance provided would be paid directly to goods or service providers or to the educational institutions themselves. A tax invoice or quote must be sourced from the good or service provider and sent to Gumala with the Education Support Program application form.

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Chrisco Hampers – Christmas 2017

For Christmas 2017 all Gumala Members and adult Beneficiaries will be eligible to receive a Chrisco Hamper.

Each hamper is valued at $707.20 and upon application, will be available for delivery or pick up from a local depot. Please see the GAC website or contact the office to find out if your hamper will be pick up or delivery. Each hamper will contain Christmas essentials for families over the festive season. Please note: no alcohol will be included with these hampers.

If you are interested in receiving one of these hampers, please complete the Chrisco Hamper Application Form for Christmas 2017 and return it to Gumala by Friday the 29 September 2017, no later than 5pm.  Applications should be sent to

Tertiary Assistance Program

Our Trainee & Internship Program

GAC will be offering one paid traineeship and one paid internship within the organisation to Member’s completing a nationally recognised qualification in Business Administration, Law, Finance and Aboriginal Early Childhood Education. These programs will be available in our Perth and Tom Price offices.

Please see Employment & Training, or contact our HR Manager for more information on 1800 486 252 or email

Education Support Programs

Financial Literacy Training for all Members

Workshops will be held at various locations for Members to improve financial literacy levels and to assist Members to manage their money, manage a household budget etc. SMS’s and email’s will be sent to all Members once these workshops are scheduled.



Education Support Programs

3a Early Learning Centres

The Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a) is a collection of teaching and learning strategies, and has been developed by world-renowned academic Professor Joseph Sparling and his associates. Since 2011, the 3a Project has expanded across the Pilbara and Gumala now has 3a centres in many towns and remote communities in the north-west including Wakuthuni, Karratha, Marble Bar, Warralong, Roebourne and South Hedland, with discussions currently ongoing regarding a 3a Centre in Onslow.

For more information about our 3a Program and Centres click here