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AGM Advanced Travel Payment Reminder

Just a reminder that all Request for Advance Payment of Travel Allowance forms should be emailed to Gumala by Friday 19 February 2021 to

Forms can be found here.

The advance payment of $750 will be deducted from the total reimbursement of travel costs and the balance will be paid into your nominated bank account within five (5) working days after the meeting (excluding public holidays).

If Members do not attend the Consultation Meeting after receiving the advance payment, they will be liable to reimburse Gumala the amount advanced to them for fuel or airfare and accommodation. Gumala will deduct from any funds that might otherwise be payable from GIPL, or from programs provided by GAC, to repay the amounts due.

Gumala is committed to maintaining and respecting cultural protocol and acknowledges the use of member images throughout the website. If at any time you become aware that an image exists on this website that should be removed for cultural purposes, please contact the office on (08) 9188 4500 as soon as possible