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Application assistance via phone – update

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, GAC staff were able to process applications over the phone for Members who were unable to leave their remote communities or were in isolation with no access to a printer, scanner or email.

Although this type of processing is time consuming and a heavy use of staff resources, GAC deemed this to be of high importance to Members at the time.
GAC has now returned to normal processing procedures but will continue to offer this service to our elderly Members (55+ Years Program) or those in need during a time of crisis.

We would appreciate if all other applications are submitted through our normal channel (via email.)

The Member Services Team has worked hard over the past few months to keep processing days to a minimum and looks forward to working with our Members in the busy few months heading towards Christmas and the New Year.

Gumala is committed to maintaining and respecting cultural protocol and acknowledges the use of member images throughout the website. If at any time you become aware that an image exists on this website that should be removed for cultural purposes, please contact the office on (08) 9188 4500 as soon as possible