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Thank you for attending AGM & Consultation meeting

On behalf of Gumala Aboriginal Corporation (GAC) Directors, I would like to thank all who were able to attend the Corporation’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Consultation Meeting on Saturday 20 October 2018. These meetings were held in South Hedland, home of the Karriyarra people. We thank them for welcoming and hosting Gumala people on their country.

For a Corporation of Gumala’s size and diverse membership, successfully holding an AGM is no easy task. Directors and Staff prepared and planned, for a number of months leading up to the event, to ensure that the day moved forward as smoothly as possible. We recognise that there is always room for improvement and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please forward those by email to

We also recognise that not all of our members can attend AGMs for a number of reasons, particularly members of the Gumala family who have experienced losses recently. You should be aware that the meeting observed a minute’s silence to pay respect to each of your families – our thoughts are with you all.

For those of you unable to be at the AGM and consultation, the meetings saw approximately 450 Members and Beneficiaries registering to attend, with the total number of attendees on the day exceeding 550. This was a wonderful turnout.

AGMs are an important opportunity for Members to come and hear from the Board and Management on the operations, challenges and successes that face the organisation. It is also an opportunity for Members to give feedback directly to the Board on the issues that are important to them. On this note, the comments and concerns raised on the day will be actioned accordingly by the GAC Board.

At the 2017 AGM, the entire Board retired with each of the language groups having two two-year appointments and two one-year appointments to stagger the terms of Directors so that only half the Board expire each year. As a result, Pamela Condon, Gloria Smith, May Byrne, Karen Tommy, Lisa Derschaw and Christina Stone were appointed for two years as Directors of the Corporation. The current Board is as follows:

Yinhawangka Bunjima Nyiyaparli
Stuart Ingie Jnr Term Expiring AGM 2019 Andrew Dhu Term Expiring AGM 2019 Brian Tucker Term Expiring AGM 2019
Mary Mills Term Expiring AGM 2019 Steven Dhu Term Expiring AGM 2019 Natalie Parker Term Expiring AGM 2019
Pamela Condon Term Expiring AGM 2020 May Byrne Term Expiring AGM 2020 Lisa Derschaw Term Expiring AGM 2020
Gloria Smith Term Expiring AGM 2020 Karen Tommy Term Expiring AGM 2020 Christina Stone Term Expiring AGM 2020

Additionally, GAC would like to thank Ms Lisa Coffin and Mr Tyson Weedon, whose terms expired at the AGM, for their time and dedication as Directors of the Corporation. Ms. Coffin was appointed in 2011 serving through different years and holding various office bearing positions throughout her time on the Board. Mr Tyson Weedon was appointed at the 2017 AGM and successfully filled his one-year term. We wish each of them well in their future endeavours.

Following the AGM, the Board met to discuss the appointments of office bearers. The Board have reconfirmed the appointments of Ms Gloria Smith as Chairperson, Ms Natalie Parker as Vice Chairperson and Ms May Byrne as Secretary.

It is important to thank Members who assisted Staff in counting the votes. Active participation of our Members in the governance aspects of the Corporation can only strengthen Gumala as we move into the future. I am thankful that all of our scrutineers were both thorough and professional on the counting station. Thank you.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Staff who worked long hours over the weekend in order to make it a success. Their teamwork and dedication to assist the membership is recognised and welcomed. Thank you.

As stated at the AGM, it has been an honor and a privilege to serve Gumala as the Executive Officer and I look forward to this new season of leadership.

Kind regards

Jahna Cedar
Executive Officer
Gumala Aboriginal Corporation

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