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Closing the Gap

National Close the Gap Day is coming up very fast – 15 March 2018 and we would love Gumala could get involved.

This is a decisive moment for the campaign and we really need your support and engagement to make the day a success in order to ensure we can have maximum impact on political leadership across all parties.

The public participation rates of National Close the Gap Day have been trending downwards in the last few years and we cannot make the day a success without you.  It is critical that we send a message to the Government via NCTGD that support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health equality remains high in the Australian public.


Activating your organisation and network

The first step is to register your organisation to take part in National Close the Gap Day, 2018. Ideally each of us can register our various offices, affiliates or sections to be involved.  As well as getting access to some free printed resources, event registration is a key determinant of the level of support.
Another extremely important step is to ensure you are telling your network and membership about NCTGD and encouraging them to be taking part.  Remind them that events need not be too big or complex, we just need to engage them in the campaign.

Accessing promotional resources

You can find downloadable resources, such as printable petition sheets and posters online.

You can also promote the campaign online, by accessing our social media resources, such as Twitter header images and Facebook banners.

* Please remember: you need to register your event or activity in order to help the campaign boost the numbers of participants of this year’s campaign.
Planning for impact

The most important thing we want to get out of NCTGD is to send a strong message to politicians that they must take action for real change.  As well as getting people together and raising awareness taking action on the day is very important.



We will encourage and support participants to take some or all of the following actions on NCTGD (in order of impact).

  • Contact your local MP and request a meeting with them
  • Get your NCTGD participants to write to their local MP, copy in Nigel Scullion
  • Tweet your local MP, the Prime Minister and Bill Shorten.
  • Everyone sign the CTG petition

If there is any other promotion material that you need or would like to access, or if you need support to carry out your activity, please feel free to contact us.

The National Close the Gap Day is an opportunity to host events and activities to demonstrate your organisation’s core values and deliver a positive health message to your workforce and the sector in which you work.

Visit National Close the Gap events to see what others are up to. 

Together we can close the gap.