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GAC’s Consutation Survey

Why are you sending out a survey?
The survey is a way for GAC to consult with all Beneficiaries on matters that are important to the future of the organisation. It also allows the organisation to enfranchise and include as many Beneficiaries as possible. At the end of week one, 510 members have completed the survey. A normal consultation meeting averages 150 attendees.

In the weeks following the conclusion of the survey, GAC will release a Survey Findings Report to the Beneficiaries which will outline the high level outcomes of what we found out from this engagement.

For example, the programs that Beneficiaries feel least benefit them are the i) Natural Disaster Relief Program and the ii) Youth Ambassador Program (example of findings to date).

How are my responses kept confidential?
All answers provided to the questions in the survey are protected under Australian privacy law and will not be shared with anyone internal or external to the corporation on an individual participant basis.

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